About Us


In Focus is a Business & Lifestyle Magazine, providing articles based on news and information from various sections such as Business & Career, Lifestyle & Health, Culture & Education, Travel & Events. Our articles are always enriched with a touch of motivation and inspiration, filled with diversity not only in content but also in the aspects that we consider while researching and reporting.

Constant self improvement & development are some of our main goals, that we intent to reach through the spread of our content, focusing not only on the surface of the story, but on the inside of it as well.




Let me introduce myself.

My name is Maria Raskovic and I am the founder and the main editor of the In Focus magazine.

After various experiences as a writer and journalist, I decided to start my own magazine, in order to reach the new level of mindfulness and consciousness among the readers. My idea is to focus on the specific topics that are relevant for the personal and professional growth in different aspects in life. I believe that the knowledge is the most powerful weapon you can have, and you can also never have enough of it. With that being said, I intent to spread the information and the knowledge even further, and in that way develop the readers ability to understand things from different perspectives and aspects.